OSA has two important publications.

OSA Newsletter Utkarsa

OSA brings out newsletters periodically, typically two to four times a year to communicate society news and announcements of interest to its members. The newsletters are edited by editor(s) appointed by the President of the society. The editor (or one of the editors) serves as a non-voting member of the society’s executive committee. The newsletters work as a repository of news, finance reports, convention matters, executive policies, and a record of events in general. The constitution mandates publication of election announcement and results in special issues of the society’s newsletters. In earlier days, the newsletter was distributed in printed form. The increasing cost of printing and distribution limited the distribution of one issue of the newsletter with convention materials. Currently, most of the OSA newsletters are published electronically, and stored permanently in electronic form in the society’s website. Members are welcome to write about events and news related to OSA and its members in the newsletter. All suggestions about contents and concerns regarding OSA publications should be sent to the OSA editor.

OSA Annual Souvenir

OSA annual souvenir is published by the souvenir editorial team selected by the convention organizing committee. OSA National’s editor-in-chief is a team member of the committee. OSA members are invited to support publication cost of the annual souvenir either by a donation or by publishing an advertisement.

OSA Annual Souvenir along with other articles must publish the following official information:

  • OSA Governing Body (National Executives + BOG Members)
  • OSA Awardees for all different years
  • OSA Convention Places
  • President’s Report and Secretary’s Report
  • Vice President’s Report (Award Information)
  • Treasurer’s Report – OSA Current Membership Status and Membership history for the year and Financial Report (both annual and the 2-year term if transition year)