OSA Administration

Vision and mission of the team as :


    • Building a vibrant, cohesive, and united OSA embracing three generations for a brighter future
    • Encouraging active involvement of members with a sense of belongingness.
    • We inspire our next generations to connect with their roots, cultures, and heritage by establishing common grounds through brainstorming and networking.
    • Encouraging and motivating New Immigrants to be part of our organization
    • Creating support groups across the USA and Canada for our Senior members with a sense of love, respect, and gratitude


    • Support OWE (OSA Women Empowerment)’s initiative in providing a platform to those who are advocating for the rights and empowerment of women and families in Odia communities, both in Odisha and the diaspora
    • Support and encourage philanthropic endeavors by collaborating & cooperating with notable grass root charitable organizations both in North America and Odisha
    • Support humanitarian effort of OSHW (Health & Wellness Group) both in Odisha and in North America

    Odiya Language & Culture:

      • Promote and popularize Odia language among children and young adults through Odia Schools across North America
      • Promote and propagate Performing Art, Culture & Artistic Heritage of Odisha by providing platforms to the artists of North America


      • Ensure respectful, effective, and efficient organizational communication among the Board Of Governors and members of the OSA
      • Build robust Information Systems to manage user-Friendly, Interactive Websites with secure & up-to-date member information and conduct an electronic survey
      • Efficient money management with accountability

    OSA Executives & Staff 2021-2023


    President: Gyana Patnaik – Chicago Vice-President: Akshaya Ray -MI
    Secretary: Pramod Mahapatra -TN
    Joint Secretary: Nilamadhab Bisoi- TN
    Treasurer: Prachee Behera – TX
    Joint Treasurer: Rajashree Kanungo – Mt. Hood.
    Public Relations Officer: Bikash Patnaik – WI Web Administration: Anjana Chowdhury – DC
    OSANET Moderators: Debashish Panda – Chicago/Lingaraj Mishra – TX OSA Editor: Kanak Hota – Chicago
    Legal Advisor: Millie Joshi – CA/Gitanjali Senapati Clark – FL


      OSA Executives & Staff 2021-2023


    Position Name Email Phone
    President Gyana Patnaik President@odishasociety.org (630) 640-5631
    Vice President Akshaya Ray Vicepresident@odishasociety.org (248) 881-0067
    Secretary Pramod Mahapatra Secretary@odishasociety.org (423) 314-0934
    Treasurer Prachee Behera Treasurer@odishasociety.org (512) 705-7897
    Past President
    Kuku Das ipp@odishasociety.org ———-

    Chapter Representatives