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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Who can become OSA members?

Anyone interested in Odisha and Odia culture can become a member of OSA by paying the required membership fee. The membership is voluntary and at will basis. Link to Membership

2. What are the benefits of OSA membership?

The membership offers a wide range of connections with Odia diaspora at North Americas and opportunities to participate in various OSA activities and programs. Listed a few below:

    • OSA Annual Convention – Attend and participate in cultural activities, seminars and network with fellow members. The Convention is attended by about 1500 to 2000 Odia diaspora members every year.
    • You and your family members will have opportunity to participate and volunteer in Youth programs, Let’s Learn Odia, Higher educations, Odia literature, Women’s forum, Health and wellness forum, Regional Drama Festival etc.
    • OSA provides a safety net to its members during unforeseen emergency scenarios.
    • OSA has 19 Chapters covering all the states in USA and Canada providing unique opportunity to its members to networking with chapter members and participate in local events such as Kumar Purnima, Utkal Divas etc.
    • Also, OSA offers unique opportunity to participate in various developmental activities at Odisha.

Please check OSA membership page Link to Membership for details.

3. I want to volunteer for OSA. What should I do?

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities at OSA. Please check OSA webpage on committees Link to find out any particular activity that you would like to be involved and contact osaec@odishasociety.org to get involved. Additionally, the youths can volunteer in various activities to get volunteering credit hours for their schools. OSA volunteer standard are set to be respect for self, respect for fellow OSA members and respect for the organization. Please make sure that you can confirm to this standard.

4. Does OSA have any events that I can participate?

OSA has its main event as its Annual Convention. Please check the convention Link for details. The convention takes place during July 4th weekend. Apart from that various OSA chapters also organise several events throughout the year. Please check OSA chapter page and its administration page to get contacts of various chapter representatives.

5. Who can attend the convention?

Anybody who has interest in Orissa and or in Oriya culture. However, non-members do have to pay OSA membership fee for attending the convention.

6. What are the advantages of attending OSA Convention?
  • It is a thrilling experience to be in the middle of the largest gathering of Odias outside of India and to be able to witness and share the pride of Oriya heritage thousands of miles away from Orissa;
  • Enjoy live performances by top-notch artists from Orissa and distinguished Oriya artists living in North America;
  • Opportunity to meet and listen to celebrated guest speakers/dignitaries from Orissa and around the world;
  • Participate in forums dedicated to significant issues;
  • Meet and discover old friends and acquaintances and make new ones;
  • Opportunity for your children to perform, participate, and network;
  • It also makes a great family vacation.