OSA Education Initiative

Higher Education

  • Maintain information base in OSA website regarding opportunity in higher education, research and scholarships in North American universities.
  • Assist with resources for standard tests (GRE, GMAT & TOEFL). Collection and distribution of books, journals, and CDs for libraries in educational institute/universities in Orissa.
  • Maintain OSA member contacts in USA/Canada in Academics and Research with whom students, research scholars, faculties of Universities in Odisha can directly contact for information, collaborative work & visit to the institutes. OSA member contact can serve as mentor for various higher education initiatives in state.
  • Develop mechanism to help technical institutions to avail information on technology trends and how to benefit out of it.
  • Coordinate OSA members visit to institutions in Orissa for seminars and short courses in various disciplines in institutes/universities.
  • Organize Higher Education Seminars/Webinars in US/Canada & Odisha


Primary Education

  • Encourage and facilitate OSA members to adapt a primary school in their village/city or area of their own choosing and facilitate development activities with long-term impact.
  • Setup some process/activities for encouragement, awareness, competitiveness in the field of science and arts among primary school students.

Communication, Recognition and Funding Resource

  • Facilitate consolidation of OSA member’s volunteering efforts in OSA website, enabling effective communication between different organization/individuals and optimal resource utilization to aid educational activities.
  • Recognition of individual and groups for their contribution and explicit achievement (e.g., funding a chair position in an Orissa University, training, infrastructure development activities) for educational development of Odisha, via OSA web, newsletters etc.
  • Coordinate and provide information on funding sources to apply for scholarship (i.e. www.ffe.org) and fund raising specifically for educational development in Odisha.