Welcome to OSA Newsletter Utkarsa page. Learn about  activities and highlights 

of The Orissa Society of Americas (OSA). Utkarsa means excellence or superiority. 

The name Utkala for Orissa was used because of the superior artistic skills of Oriyas. 




The mission of The Orissa Society of Americas (OSA ) is to provide a mutually supportive environment for the better interaction of Oriya immigrants of North American countries,  and to enhance the awareness of Orissa and Oriya traditions in North America through cultural promotion, social events, and developmental activities.

President: Dr Laxmi Narayan Bhuyan

Vice President: Dr Nivedita Mohanty

Secretary/Treasurer: Hari Arjun Patro

Editors: Dr Bigyani Das

              Dr Suraprasad Rath



Current Issue: No: 2 - October 2003 

Chapter News 
Accomplishments of Oriya Youth
Also in this edition: Editorial (Extra Miles for Excellence), President's Message (Small Steps for A Big Goal), A Key To Success (Education Committee's Report), Welcome New Members (Treasurer's Report), Orissa Development Symposium, People on Move, Announcements (New Chapter Presidents), and October Special (Kuanra Punei Jahna go Phula Baula Beni).......

Member Opinion:  Do you have a question? Do you have suggestions? Do you have any comments/concerns on the functioning of OSA? Please contact OSA National Officers. Thank you.

Join OSA:  Now is the best time to join OSA. The reduced life membership price of $200.00 will only last through December 2003. 

OSA 2003 Souvenir Distribution: OSA Souvenir 2003 copies are available with local chapter presidents.  If you have not received your copy, please contact your local chapter president or any of the OSA National Officers by October 25, 2003. This business should be completed by end of October 2003.

OSA Newsletter Distribution: OSA Editorial committee is looking for volunteers to help in distributing paper copies of the December and June issues of OSA newsletter Utkarsa to approximately 500 family/individual members. Do you want to volunteer? Do you have a child in high school who is looking for volunteering opportunities to get community service credits? Please contact the Editors.

Utkarsa will be published quarterly. Current issue: No 2 - October 2003 Publication.

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Questions, comments, suggestions:  bigyanidas@orissasociety.org


Note: Next issue of Utkarsa will be published in December 2003. Articles for this publication should reach the editorial staff before December 10, 2003.