Welcome to OSA Newsletter Utkarsa page. Learn about  activities and highlights 

of The Orissa Society of Americas (OSA). Utkarsa means excellence or superiority. 

The name Utkala for Orissa was used because of the superior artistic skills of Oriyas. 





The mission of The Orissa Society of Americas (OSA ) is to provide a mutually supportive environment for the better interaction of Oriya immigrants of North American countries,  and to enhance the awareness of Orissa and Oriya traditions in North America through cultural promotion, social events, and developmental activities.

President: Dr Laxmi Narayan Bhuyan

Vice President: Dr Nivedita Mohanty

Secretary/Treasurer: Hari Arjun Patro

Editor: Dr Bigyani Das




Current Issue: No: 3 - January 2004 (PDF version - 879 KB)

Establishing Oriya Identity 
Atmapratyaya (A Poem on New Year Reflections)
Happy New Year (President's Message)
Also in this edition: Editorial (Once upon a time), President's Message (Happy New Year), OSA Convention 2004 (Convener's Message), Welcome New Members (Treasurer's Report), Orissa Development Symposium Report, Announcements (New Chapter Presidents), January Special (Nababarsara Anuchinta and Establishing Oriya Identity)

New Year Theme: Trust in God, but lock your car (Be a believer, but be realistic)

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Errors in OSA Directory: We have found many errors in OSA 2003 directory. At places spouse names are added to unmarried people. Some people have some other people's residential addresses. The errors might be due to various reasons. However, once we find any error, it becomes our duty to correct it. Members are therefore requested to check their information in OSA 2003 directory and report any discrepancy to OSA secretary/treasurer and the membership committee.

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Upcoming Events of Interest: 

Saraswati Puja: January 26th. OSANY is observing Saraswati Puja on January 25th. Please check with OSANY president Pradip Tripathy. Washington DC is observing Saraswati Puja on January 31st. Please contact OSA-DC president Alpana Das. Check chapter page for chapter related information.

India's Republic Day: January 26th

Holi: March 6th (Dola Purnima) - Holi in Washington DC area will be celebrated on March 6th. Please check Holi information page for details.

OSA Convention 2004: OSA Convention will be held in Dallas, Texas from July 2-4, 2004. Please check the convener's message.

Utkarsa will be published quarterly. Current issue: No 3 - January 2004 Publication. 


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