Welcome to OSA Newsletter Utkarsa page. Learn about  activities and highlights  of The Orissa Society of Americas (OSA). Utkarsa means excellence or superiority. The name Utkala for Orissa was used because of the superior artistic skills of Oriyas.


The mission of The Orissa Society of Americas (OSA ) is to provide a mutually supportive environment for the better interaction of Oriya immigrants of North American countries,  and to enhance the awareness of Orissa and Oriya traditions in North America through cultural promotion, social events, and developmental activities.

President: Dr Laxmi Narayan Bhuyan

Vice President: Dr Nivedita Mohanty

Secretary/Treasurer: Hari Arjun Patro

Editor: Dr Bigyani Das




Current Issue: No: 5 - August 2004 - (PDF Version-2.8 MB)


Chapter News
OSA 2004   Convention Stories
Congratulations to the Awardees 
Also in this edition: Editorial (The Dream We Dream Together), President's Message (Creating Success Stories), GBM Minutes, Convention Expense  Report, OSA Awardees, NROFC - NRO Dibas in Bhubeswar, OSA 2004 SeminarsOriya Poetry Reading (Kabita Patha)Accepted OSA Amendments, Articles (Poems, Rakhi Special Poem - Seneha Suruja), Announcements (Congratulations, News, Obituaries - Sachi Routray) August-September Special (Kids Special - Raksha Bandhan, Guru Dibas, Ganesh Puja)


Dear Friends

It is our great pleasure to welcome you all to the homepage of Utkarsa, OSA's quarterly newsletter. We constantly check on things that we love most. The basic goal of this checking is to make it faultless and present it with perfection. Some of the Utkarsa lovers have a desire to present Utkarsa with the perfect grace in the printed souvenir form. However, this is just a proposal. The successful implementation of this proposal completely depends on your help and support. Specifically, the printing and distribution of Utkarsa will not be possible without your financial help. The current financial state of OSA will not be able to bear the total expense. If you feel this is a worthy cause to contribute, please contact Hari Arjun Patro, OSA's treasurer before October 1, 2004. Accordingly, we would prepare ourselves for the next issue of Utkarsa. We hope generous members would avail this opportunity and support us in bringing out the best look in Utkarsa.

Olympics games were arranged in Athens, Greece in expense of millions and millions of dollars. This money could have been spent on improving the conditions of millions of people in under-developed countries. However, arts, literature and sports do have their own special importance comparable to the basic necessities such as food, cloths and shelter. Accordingly, we do feel for the need of a winter OSA publication in the printed form along with its annual souvenir publication in summer. Although Utkarsa publication in electronic newsletter form is cheaper and easier, however, printed version does have its own merit. The above are just our thoughts. We will accept the views of the majority.

Thanks - Bigyani Das, Editor

OSA Theme of the Quarter: Let Us Dream Together  

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Upcoming Events of Interest: 

Chapter Events: Washington DC chapter will celebrate Ganesh Puja on September 19.  Check chapter news for chapter related information.

Oriya Festivals in August, September, and October: Raksha Bandhan (August 30), Guru Dibas (September 5), Janmastami (September 6), Ganesh Puja (September 18), Dashahara (October 23), Kumar Purnima (October 28).

OSA Convention 2004 Photos: OSA Convention 2004 photos are available at http://www.osa2004.org.

OSA Convention 2005: OSA Convention will be held in Anheim, California, during July 4th weekend. The information will be soon available. Stay tuned. 

Utkarsa will be published quarterly. Current issue: No 5 - August 2004 Publication - (PDF Version-2.8 MB)


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Note: Next issue of Utkarsa will be published on December 15, 2004. Articles for this publication should reach the editorial staff before December 1, 2004.


Acknowledgements: Review comments and suggestions of Dr Sikhanda Satapathy, Dr Sitakantha Dash, Dr Birendra Jena, Dr Rabi N. Mahapatra and Mrs Mamata Misra are appreciated. Thanks to all the contributors for this issue (the authors as well as people in the background who provided pictures and encouragement) without which this issue would not have become possible in its present form. Special thanks to Tapan Padhi for providing seminar related information.