Lifetime Achievement (LTA) Award


Odisha Society Board of Governors (BOG) recently approved the guidelines for the Lifetime Achievement (LTA) Award as an annual award to honor and recognize person of Odisha origin who has made significant contributions to the state of Odisha, Odias and/or Society/Human kind in general during his/her career/life time.

The guidelines can be found here: LTA Guidelines

Here are the milestones for us to select the Lifetime Achievement Award winner for 2019:
Last date to submit nominations – 04/30/2019
Evaluation and selection of finalists – 05/15/2019
Selection of winner by OSA members – 05/31/2019
 {Electronic voting will be used along with paper option}

With this communication, we are calling for nominations for the 2019 LTA Award to be submitted by 04/30/2019 using the electronic form.

If you would like to submit a paper form instead of electronic form you can either download this Microsoft Word or a PDF document.

Any of these documents has to be completed, signed and then: Either scanned and emailed to
Or, mailed by post/courier (needs to be postmarked on or before 04/30/2019) to Vice President, Odisha Society, 2540 Ballencourt Ln.,Charlotte, NC 28226

As this is the first time we are implementing a new process for LTA, you may have a lot of questions. Most of the answers can be found in the LTA guidelines. Additionally we have set up open forums where you can ask questions related to LTA, We will have Odisha Society Executive team volunteers available to answer them.

Here are 2 sessions we are have set up for open forums:
Sunday 4/21 8:30 to 9:30 PM EST Please Conf# 719-394-0475 x75138
Wednesday 4/24 8:30 to 9:30 PM EST Conf# 719-394-0475 x75138

Please dial in if you have questions for which you are not getting answers in the guidelines.

OSA LTA Award Winners