Let’s Learn Odia Speech Contest 2014-15

Odia Speech Contest (Age: 7-12)


  1. To encourage children to speak in Odia language (propagation of Odia language and culture)
  2. To connect OSA National with individual chapters

Guide lines & Procedure:

This event will take place during Ganesh Puja or a major chapter celebration. If the event is celebrated at multiple locations in a chapter OSA National encourages it to be conducted at all venues. Depending on time/ place availability, organizers will decide when and how to conduct this contest. Chapter President might request a youth volunteer to coordinate the event. Youth volunteer will receive a certificate with four hours of volunteering service award by OSA National for coordinating this event. Individual chapters are responsible for notifying this information to their members. OSA National encourages all the chapters to use an OSA banner during all OSA events.

Choice #1: A theme/topic will be provided to the participant prior to the date. Participants will come prepared; deliver the speech in front of the judges in Odia (5-10minutes)

Choice#2: (Optional) A theme/topic will be provided to the participant prior to the date. Participants will draw/paint a picture at home. They will bring the poster and describe it in front of the judges in Odia.(5-10 minutes) This option will be suitable for 7-9 years age.

Judging/Award Process:

There should be two or more judges to judge this competition. Judges should not be related to the participants. There will be a total score of thirty points. Ten points for fluency, ten points for using proper vocabulary and ten points for correct posture/ confidence. Judges will score individually and finally add them up to find the winner/s. In case of a tie, award amount will be distributed equally. Each organizer will receive a $50.00 check and certificate/s from OSA National. Each certificate will carry an hour of volunteer service. It’s organizer’s choice to give the award amount to a single winner or to choose more winners. If they wish, organizer might add additional amounts from the chapter fund to raise the award money.

After the event, the chapter organizer is requested to share photos and videos of the event with the OSA National (vicepresident@orissasociety.org) for sharing them through OSA communication forum.


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