Convention Guideline

Draft: Approved by OSA BOG 4/12/2015Past Convention Guideline

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1.0   Introduction
This document provides overall process, procedure & guidelines for the annual convention held by OSA.  Annual Convention is an OSA National event organized with the support and cooperation of a host chapter. The key objective of this document is to provide a standard, general procedure and guidelines so that the convention will be organize by the host chapter in a transparent, effective, and consistent manner. The document may be updated, as appropriate, from time to time. It can be modified by the OSA Board of Governors, and will be maintained by the OSA Executive Committee. Following guidelines have been developed for successfully organizing the event.

2.0   General

● The OSA president will seek proposals from the local chapters for hosting the convention well in advance.  If more than one proposal is received, the president at his/her discretion will appoint a committee to evaluate the merits of the proposals.  It will be the Board of Governors’ decision to make the site selection final.

● Once the site selection is made and communicated to the president of the local chapter, it is encouraged to choose a convener and/or co-convener democratically.  If the convener is someone other than the chapter president, the chapter president should be part of the convention committee. The committee will be the point of contact for the OSA officers.

● The OSA Vice President shall function as Co-convener of the convention and shall coordinate all of the OSA activities including planning, convention opening ceremony,   invitation of the OSA guests, and OSA award distributions in consultation with the OSA President and the convention organizers. (By-Law II).

● Per Board resolution on 7/2/98, the President will appoint a committee to resolve differences, if any, that arises between OSA and host committee. The committee’s decision will be binding.

3.0   Cultural

1) Host chapter is in complete charge of choosing, arranging, and presenting cultural programs without interference from the national office of OSA. However the chapter should generally go by the following guidelines.

2) OSA by definition is a socio-cultural organization. Cultural programs should be reflective of Odia culture as much as possible.

3) The host chapter should take advantage of local talents, talents from USA/Canada as well as artists visiting from Orissa. For the latter consult the sponsoring organizations to minimize expenses. Children’s programs should be separated from adults’ program wherever possible.

4) Classical, folk and contemporary items should be distinctly categorized.  Punctuality and adherence to time limits should be followed as much as possible.

5) Group participation should be preferred over individual participation.

6) The host chapter may showcase its local talents during inaugurations and closing ceremonies and provide other time slots to other participating chapters.

7) If the cultural committee, while working on the assignment, got ideas and created any music, videos, artworks to be exclusively used in OSA convention, then the creation belongs to both OSA and the original creator. OSA has the copyright for obtaining, archiving and mass production and distribution, when applicable, giving due credit to the original creator.

8) OSA encourages cultural creativity and unique productions for its annual event that can be available to its members both benefiting the society in fundraising and the members in archiving the convention memory.

9) OSA owns the “OSA Covention” copy right on all the presentation and activities.”

10)   There should not be any explicit promotion or commercial associated with cultural events like release of albums etc. to keep the event amateurish and for enjoyment of members.

11)   Proposals to invite artist from outside of North America will be received from OSANet by a certain date specified by the convention cultural committee.

12)   There should be a limit on inviting artist from outside of North America and the limit should be specified by the Cultural Committee – suggested number – 5

13)   This committee should give precedence to the promotion of the old art form of Odisha such as

a. Goti pua

b. Paala

c. Daskathia

d. Chhau Nacha

e. Ghoda Nacha

f. Any other traditional performing art form from Odisha etc.

14)   OSA makes it a mandate for the convention organizing committee to organize a cultural segment completely dedicated to Odia classical music style such as Odissi, Chhanda, and Champu to increase interest among the new generation Odia children in their cultural heritage during the convention.

15)   Cultural contribution from other chapters/communities shall be well balanced to the maximum extent possible.


4.0 Financial

OSA will loan up to US$10,000 to host chapter convention committee. It should be returned immediately after the convention. The convention committee should not wait till convention accounts are finalized.

1) Accounts should be finalized within sixty days after the convention with complete auditing. The committee on their own will appoint an independent audit committee. Report should be sent to OSA President and Treasurer.

2) If a profit is made, the report should be accompanied by a check equal to half the profit. In case of loss, OSA will send a check equal to half the loss after accepting the audited report.

3) For the purpose of accountability, the local financial committee should carry out all transactions by means of checks with a bank account opened specially in the name of OSA convention. All convention related income and expense transactions should go through this account. [It is advised to maintain the using Quick Book or similar application for better maintenance and reporting].

4) All a/c should be maintained in Quick Book & be available to all at the end of convention.

5) OSA Treasurer must be provided the convention budget and financial status from time to time and should have visibility to the financial transactions.

6) OSA convention is a gathering of its members (per rules of business motion by Board of Governors on 7/2/98). So membership fee must be collected from all participants who are not members. The convention committee should be discrete in giving guest status to some of the participants. The convention committee should promptly forward all membership dues collected along with membership details to OSA Treasure. In case membership fee could not be collected from any attendees, who were not OSA members, their name and contact details should be sent to the OSA Executives within a week after the convention with an explanation of circumstances why such persons were allowed to attend the convention.

7) The convention committee will collect US$25 per registrant as OSA Fund Raising Fee (here and after called OSA Fee) and forward it to OSA promptly at the end of the convention.  The committee should include this amount in the General Registration Fee. In addition, any donation collected in the name of OSA should also be sent to OSA Treasurer promptly.

8) Registration should be considered incomplete without full registration fee and membership dues from non-members. Anyone who is 18 or older must register for convention.

a.  In case the payment is not received within a month of registration, the registration should be cancelled.

b.  There should be a waiver for those who are students and their parents are OSA members till they are 26 years old.

9)  Convention registration team, in consultation with the Chapter’s President, should forward the list of new members through the Convention as of May 15th to the OSA Treasurer. The list should accompany a check corresponding to the membership fee collected. Any new member and fees beyond that date will be settled with OSA after the completion of the Convention.

10) The Convention Committee should provide room and board to OSA invited guests, and will arrange funds for their travel, if necessary.

11)  The convention will bear the cost of all invited artists. Inviting artists should be limited to minimum in consultation with convention committee and OSA National.

12) The convention committee shall work with OSA Treasurer to develop a sponsorship packet and create a balanced budget plan that results net profit.

4.1 Sponsorship
1) A guideline should spell out the detail package for the various sponsorship categories.

2) Sponsorship must be received by May 31st for convention committee to honor all publicity. Soft deadlines must be established (April 30th, May 15th etc.)

3) Sponsor name should be very visible in the program. It has to be specified at least in two places however it is encouraged to highlight the sponsors in more than two places.

4)  Name of the Sponsors has to be mentioned in the Vote of Thanks.

5)  Name of the sponsors has to be mentioned in prime time of the first day of the convention.

6) Sponsors for specific programs will be acknowledged during that program.


5.0 Publications

1) The convention committee and convener may negotiate with OSA and take complete charge of publishing the souvenir issue.  In this case, the committee may choose to take all advertisement revenue and bear all costs of publishing souvenir and OSA directory. Alternately, the committee may share the advertisement revenue and publication costs with OSA equally.

2) OSA Secretary / Treasurer will provide the address data base for publication in the directory. No changes should be made without direct approval of the Secretary / Treasurer. The committee is encouraged to gather change and addition of new addresses and pass them to the Secretary/Treasurer.

3) Members will have option to choose between print and electronic copy by paying a nominal cost for postage and printing. A reasonable effort will be made to publish required number of print copies of souvenir and directory including copies for invited guests, sponsors and benefactor members

4) The Convener will ensure the printing and distribution of copies of the OSA souvenir and directory to all the attending OSA members.  The Convener shall provide electronic copies of souvenir and directories to all members. Members may request for a printed copy of the souvenir and directory to the Convener by paying for the printing & shipping expenses in advance by May 31st.


6.0 Convention Programming

1) OSA National should be consulted for the overall planning of the convention. In particular, the following activities are the responsibility of OSA National.

a. Inauguration Function

b. Convention Committee should provide slots for OSA sponsored guests (if any), for ex:

·  Slots for OSA award presentation (during cultural etc),

·  Host chapter is encouraged to add a local guest to the inaugural function (e.g. a mayor or a local congressman)

c.  Board of Governors Meeting preferably 1st evening before opening ceremony.

d. General Body Meeting (no parallel programs during this period)

e. Closing Ceremony

2) Designated social hours should be provided.

3) Meetings, forums etc. should be worked together between OSA and Convention Committee. Parallel sessions should be encouraged.

4) Student and Youth representatives from OSA should be given key roles in the convention. It is advisable that a separate time slot from Prime Time should be given to the youth.

5) The OSA President at his/her discretion assigns certain OSA funds for youth activities in the convention. The youth committee chair of the convention should get in touch with the President with definite proposals well ahead of time for the funds.

6.1 Events
6.11OSA & Odisha Development
OSA BOG proposed that the OSA annual convention to be a three day event with the following guidelines/stipulations/Conditions. In OSA GBM 2012, it was passed to make OSA convention an official 3-day event with first day of the event dedicated to OSA and Odisha Development related activities. This event will be coordinated by OSA Development Committee in consultation with OSA Executives and the convention organizing committee. The event has to be a self-sustainable event and it is completely up to the OSA Development Committee to arrange the funding as well as select the theme for the particular year.

a. The convention organizing chapter is not under any obligation to organize this event. It is   expected that the Convention Committee and OSA Development Committee can work together for the success of the event to benefit the purpose for the theme.

b. The first day of the event will be focused on showcasing Odisha to encourage people and entities outside of Odisha and India to participate in Odisha development related activities under the banner invest Odisha.

c. This event will be coordinated by both the OSA national executive body through Odisha Development Committee and the Convention organizing committee.

d. The event has to be a self-sustainable event (eg, in the minimum) and is expected to generate revenue for OSA treasury and the convention. It will not be a mandatory event that the Convention hosting chapter has to organize and the other 2 day program of the convention is going to be held as usual.

e. The guideline for the event will be worked out by the Odisha Development Committee and be approved by the BOG to take effect.

6.12 Champu Chhanda Competition
1) Host chapter should organize a Champu Chhanda Competition for the kids learning Odissi music.
2) Cash awards and certificates should be provided.

6.12 Odia Speech & Vocabulary Competition
1) Host chapter should organize an Odia Speech & Vocabulary Competition for the kids.
2) Cash awards and certificates should be provided.


7.0 Guest Selection

7.1 Guest Selection Committee
1) A 5-member Guest Selection committee will be constituted by the OSA President

2) The committee consists of 5 people including

i. 1 from OSA National (Vice president as coordinator)

ii. 1 from Convention (Convener)

iii. 3 independent members (such as past conveners)

3) Other members may be appointed by executives from general membership.  No member from BOG or executives other than vice president will be part of the committee.

4) This committee will serve for 2 years except the convener may change every year.


7.2 Guest Selection Process

1) OSA National and the convention committee shall work together to finalize the guest list and the   number of invited guests for the convention depending on the funding. Suggestion for guest names may be solicited from general membership and members can send their recommendation to committee.

2) The guest selection shall be made early in advance, preferably four months in advance of the convention to

a. Facilitate the convention public relation efforts.

b. Help with long distance travel arrangements.

3) Chief Guest, Chief Speaker and Youth Speaker will be selected by the committee.

4) Request for suggestion of guest names will be sent electronically to members as part of the Convention Announcement / Utkarsa or through OSANet.

5) The suggestion of names with sponsorship details may be sent to the committee before January 31st. Committee may suggest other deserving candidate for Lifetime Achievement Award.

6) Life Time Achievement (LTA) award given by OSA is optional.

7) LTA sponsor may suggest the name to committee but would not be involved in the selection process of the awardee.

8) There should be only one LTA per year, except under justified exceptional situation, which is approved by the executive committee.

9) Committee will have the authority to qualify/disqualify a suggested guest. Committee’s decision is final.

10) Committee recommendation will be sent to OSA Officials for final execution.


8.0 Awards

Some of the main objectives of having various awards and recognizing person(s)/group(s) during OSA annual convention in various categories are:
· Appreciate, encourage & recognize person(s)/group(s) distinctive/significant contribution to community, society and humanity at large.

· Appreciate, encourage & recognize person(s)/group(s) distinctive/significant contribution in various areas such as arts, culture etc.

· To provide a forum and platform for healthy competition in various areas such as culture, entrepreneurship etc. among of OSA community members (young and adults alike) and recognizing him/her/group.

·  Encourage others to achieve distinction in their areas of interest and contribute for betterment of community, society and humanity.

· The announcement for nominations, appointment of screening committees / judges, award announcement, preparation of certificate/plaques/checks are the responsibilities of OSA for the following awards. The awards/competitions are grouped as follows:

·  Nomination based awards

i. Distinguished Odia Award

ii. Utakalmani Gopabanddhu Dash Memorial Award

iii. Youth Volunteer Award

iv.  Subrina Biswal Award for Academic Excellence

v. Arun Das Memorial Kalashree award

vi.  Yuva Kala Vikas Award

· Convention Submission & Presentation based Competitions

Meghna Memorial Award for Creative Writing
Subrina Biswal Award for Performing Art
Samik Singh Kalinga Youth Entrepreneurship Award
Champu, Chhanda & Odissi Music Competitions
Odia Speech & Vocabulary Competition
Promode Patnaik Drama Competition
8.1 Responsibilities of OSA National in Awards
1) The announcement for nominations

2) Appointment of coordinator/s for  Award Committee

3) Award announcement

4) Preparation of certificate/plaques/checks:

8.2 Awards Presentation
1) OSA will consult with the convention committee for suitable venues to present these awards.

2) Preferably Awards should be spread out and presented during prime time.

3) It is advisable that the on stage competition awards should be given on the same day of the competition.


9.0 Timeline

The following timeline is suggested for better planning and execution of convention events.

1. Convener of the convention should be selected by 15th of August.

2. Convention Committee Chairs should be selected by 15th of September.

3. Venue selection should be completed by 31st of October.

4. Web site should be live by 15th of November.

5. Cultural planning should be completed by 1st of January

6. Guest selection should be completed   by 1st of January.

7. Souvenir articles should be invited by 1st of April.

8. Cultural entries should be accepted by 1st of April

9. Seminar entries should be accepted by 1st of April

10. Program should be finalized by 15th of April.

11. The selection committee contact information will be provided to the members in OSANet.

An announcement will be made in the OSAnet to receive nomination for the Convention Guest artist.
Members will be requested to provide enough information about the artist to justify their invitation for the convention.
45 days will be provided to members in OSANet to receive the nomination for the invited guest (October/November).
The committee should take 30 days to come up with their decision (by end of  December) with alternative in case of first choice does not work out.